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VOLO Access Control

At AGS Tech, as a VOLO Approved Partner, we understand that it isn’t always convenient, or even possible, to operate an electronic access control onsite through your physical IT systems; i.e. via your PC or server. As such, it is an increasing trend to operate your control system through a ‘cloud’, meaning that your security system can essentially be accessed and controlled remotely via the internet.

Benefits of VOLO Access Control

There are numerous benefits to operating your access control via a cloud, such as its impact on the need for the purchase of hardware. Through operating via the internet, there is a reduced need to purchase expensive hardware, such as a local server; due to operating with GSM GPRS connectivity in the Access Control Unit (ACU) there is no need for a direct connection to the internet.

Operating via a virtual environment allows for essentially unlimited expansion of your site. This can be anything from additional sites to operators and users, and makes such growth significantly easier when not having to worry about your site security. Not only does it make it possible, it can make it quicker, saving time from having to worry about access control installation.

The maintenance of these sites can be conducted without the need for site visits, meaning that your system could be using and implementing the latest updates and versions of the software. This applies to everything from system updates to anti-virus and firewall protection. Equally, as well as being maintained, the cloud system can be managed remotely, dealing with system programming issues, as well as group configuration, access rights, adding users, etc without the need for onsite servicing.

VOLO Approved Partner

We are a VOLO Approved Partner, and as such you can access your VOLO account here. Our services are offered via an annual service charge that is flexible with site expansion and system growth. We can therefore offer your business’ security and the access control of your premises a degree of versatility that will enable your security to adapt with your needs.

If you would like to discuss any of our AGS Tech services with one of our friendly team, then don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can contact us on 01254 699905, where we are always eager to address your premises’ security needs.

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