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Founded in 1993 , AGS Tech has over 20 years’ experience of providing individual electronic security solutions for a range of access needs. While focused on the provision of warden call and dispersed alarm systems for the social and sheltered care market, AGS embrace the technological advancements and developments that can occur in such a varied market, seeking to offer and implement a whole range of other products and systems that not only benefit the social and sheltered care markets, but many more besides.

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  • Access Control

    Access Control

    Every business organisation, local authority or even an individual uses some form of access control. In its most basic form, the decision of who is granted a key to your house is access control. Described simply, it is a means of restricting access to valued belongings or sensitive areas to authorised persons only. AGS Tech Ltd specialise in the design, supply, installation and maintenance of electronic access control systems. Features available:
    • Electronic Locking Via Magnetic Locks, Electronic Releases or Solenoid Bolts.
    • Proximity Cards/Tokens
    • Hands Free Cards for DDA Access
    • Swipe Cards
    • Pin Code Access
    • Biometric (Fingerprint/Eye Scan) Access Simple Standalone or Online PC Administered
    • Access Levels
    • Time Zones
    • Event History
    • Reporting
    • Integration with other Systems such as CCTV and Fire
    • Interlocking Doors
    • Anti-Pass Back
    • Multiple Sites Linked Together on One Central System
    • Communication Via Hardwired Systems, LAN or GPRS Cloud Based Solutions

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  • Warden Call

    Warden Call

    As the average age of the UK population increases, it is ever more important to provide a high level of care and protection to our senior and vulnerable citizens. Warden call allows the freedom of independence while still providing the emergency cover that may one day be needed. We can design, supply and install these systems in sheltered accommodation, extracare and dementia centres. Features available:
    • Emergency Response via Pendant or Pullcord
    • integration with Smoke/Heat/Gas Detectors
    • Automatic Fall Detectors
    • Panic Button/Attack Pendants/Bogus Caller Alert
    • Temperature Monitors
    • Flood Detection
    • Simple Intruder Alarm Function
    • Deaf Alert Integration
    • Door Entry Integration
    • Public Call Announcements
    • DECT Integration
    • Remote Login/Administraton of Systems
    • A Large Variety of Telecare and Telehealth Equipment to be Integrated for Specific Areas Including Dementia and Diabetes.

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  • Powered Doors

    Powered Doors

    Under the Equality Act 2010 public buildings and places of employment need to consider how disabled people or wheelchair users can access their building. There should be no physical barriers that can prevent this. With this in mind, many organisations have turned to automatically opening doors to ensure that free access is granted and the physical barrier of a door is removed. If building security is a priority, then such doors can be linked with access control systems and should be done so in a way that makes the access control easy to use for a wheelchair user. AGS Tech Ltd are proud members of the Automatic Doors Suppliers Association and our staff are qualified and certified to working on powered doors as per the requirements of BS-EN16005:2012, the approved codes of practice for powered door mechanisms. Doors come in all shapes and sizes but at AGS Tech, we will use all of our expertise to design, supply and install the right solution for you and ensure your compliance with safety laws. Features available:
    • Swing Doors
    • Slide Doors
    • Revolving Doors
    • Telescopic Doors
    • Low Energy Doors
    • Automatic Entry
    • Integration with Access Control
    • Certified to BS-EN16005:2012
    • All Doors Risk Assessed and Safety Measures Implemented to Provide Adequate Protection.
    • Compliance with the Equality Act 2010

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  • CCTV


    CCTV is available in all shapes and sizes and is a common requirement in the security requirements of any premises and in recent years CCTV systems have changed dramatically with the rise of networking and smartphone technology. CCTV offers security management and loss prevention, deters potential criminals and gives peace of mind for the staff or residents of a site. Features:
    • Analogue or IP Systems Available
    • Static Cameras or Pan/Tilt/Zoom
    • Day/Night Cameras Switching Between Colour and Monochrome in Order to Ensure Clear Picture Quality
    • Vandal Resistant Cameras
    • Covert Cameras
    • Digital Recording
    • Remote Viewing/Administration, Via PC, Smartphone or Tablet
    • Constant, Scheduled or Motion Recording
    • Multiple Monitors

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  • Door Entry

    Door Entry

    A common requirement for any business premises or social housing block is to maintain security of the building while still welcoming and allowing access to visitors. This can be done with one of our door entry systems, which are a simple way to protect your premises against unauthorized entry, vandalism and anti-social behavior. We provide a wide range of door entry systems including audio only and video entry systems in order to comply with "Secure by Design" requirement. Our wide range of systems combined with our vast experience in door entry enables us to provide the best solution to meet your needs. Features available:
    • Audio Systems
    • Video Systems
    • IP Systems
    • GSM Systems
    • Vandal Resistant
    • Remote Concierge
    • Access Control Integration
    • From 1 to 1 Systems to Multiple Doors and Multiple Handsets
    • Handset Privacy/Mute Switch
    • Timed Tradesman Entry
    • Deaf Alert Aids
    • Braille Call Panels

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